Reseller Plan

Offer your customers a full line of internet services

The TierraNet reseller program is designed for webmasters and value-added-resellers who wish to offer a full line of hosting services. This full-featured program offers substantial volume discounts, along with features designed to alleviate much of the work involved in reselling accounts.

How it Works

Resellers may sell TierraNet's entire line of shared hosting services (ranging from email-only accounts to the commerce package). Because they bill clients directly, resellers are free to choose their own pricing scheme. TierraNet will bill for discounted services on a combined invoice.

Resellers receive substantially discounted rates on all monthly fees (these discounts apply to the reseller's account, as well as resold accounts). The exact discount is based on the volume of services currently being resold. Initial setup fees for resold accounts are always $0.00.

How to Apply

There is a $50.00 setup fee to become a TierraNet reseller. To become a reseller, you must:

Contracts may be faxed to (858) 560-9417, or mailed to:

    TierraNet Inc.
    Attn: Reseller Program
    P.O. BOX 502010
    San Diego, CA 92150-2010

Once your contract has been received and approved, we will contact you with information on how to access our reseller area.

Pricing Table

Volume Price Tier Email Only UltraLite Lite Professional Premium Ultimate
1-9 retail $4.95 $7.95 $12.95 $17.95 $24.95 $49.95
10-19 tier 1 $4.46 $7.16 $11.66 $16.16 $22.46 $35.96
20-39 tier 2 $3.96 $6.36 $10.36 $14.36 $19.96 $31.96
40+ tier 3 $3.47 $5.57 $9.07 $12.57 $17.47 $27.97

For higher volume resellers, TierraNet offers a dedicated server which lowers the cost per account to just $2.00. For details, visit our dedicated server page.


  • Fully customizable account control panel
    The control panel allows resellers to offer dynamic account management features to their customers, all with a custom "look and feel". Customers can:
    • Change their password
    • Create/modify counters
    • Create/modify email accounts, forwards, and other email options
    • Create/modify multiple FTP accounts
    • Initialize their FrontPage extensions
    • Learn how to configure popular email clients
    • Learn how to configure popular FTP clients
    • Register their site with popular search engines
    • Use the domain locator tool
    • View their site statistics
    • View their disk usage and bandwidth
    • Check their error logs
    • more...
  • Account management system
    The account management system allows resellers to perform the above functions as a "superuser". In addition, the account management system makes it easy to create new accounts, suspend and cancel accounts, retrieve lost passwords, view resource usage, etc.
  • Branded control panel login
    Customers login to their branded account control panel by going to a login URL that the reseller chooses.
  • Aliased webmail site
    Your customers can access webmail for their hosted email accounts at a webmail URL that the reseller chooses.
  • Customized sign up script
    Once you have customized your account control panel, you can place a link on your site for customers to automatically sign up for your hosting services.
  • Customized documentation
    Once you have customized your account control panel, you can link to the TierraNet support center. The support center will adopt your control panel look and feel.
  • Priority technical support
    Resellers receive a special email address which delivers priority technical support. Telephone support is also provided.
  • Free technical support for resold accounts
    All resold accounts are eligible for standard email technical support.
  • Instant account activation
    All account sign ups received through the account management system are activated within 5 minutes of sign up.
  • Domain registration assistance
    TierraNet can assist resellers in registering new domains, or transferring existing domains to virtual nameservers.
  • Network uptime


All resellers are encouraged to pay monthly (either by check or credit card), however TierraNet can automatically accommodate separate billing cycles and payment periods for each resold account. Our standard billing policies apply. Delinquent accounts (those 30 days overdue) are subject to a monthly finance charge and penalty.

TierraNet extends our no-questions-asked 30-day money-back warranty to resold accounts. If, for any reason, a resold account cancels in the first 30 days, the reseller will owe nothing for that account.

Resource Management

Resold accounts are subject to the same policies which apply to all TierraNet accounts. These policies prohibit certain types of content, and limit overuse of certain resources.


  • TierraNet resellers are independent contractors, and are not employees of TierraNet. Resellers may not represent themselves as employees of TierraNet.
  • Resold accounts are subject to the same policies which apply to all TierraNet accounts. These policies prohibit certain types of content, and limit overuse of certain resources.
  • Resellers must maintain a domain account for themselves at TierraNet. Material from TierraNet's site may not be directly copied for placement on the reseller's site.
  • Resellers may host several sites on their account (i.e., provided that the account is limited to 5GB of bandwidth per month. Charges for multiple FTP accounts, if used, may apply. Resold accounts are for end users only.
  • Resellers are responsible for handling InterNIC domain registration issues. TierraNet will provide technical support and instruction, if necessary.
  • TierraNet will remain anonymous to resold accounts. Note that it is not impossible for customers to find that you are reselling TierraNet services, nor does TierraNet guarantee complete anonymity. TierraNet will not actively or knowingly solicit business from a reseller's customers. If a reseller's customer contacts TierraNet, they will be treated as any other prospective customer or individual seeking information.
  • TierraNet will not enter into any exclusive contracts based on region.
  • TierraNet reserves the right to terminate any reseller for any reason.
  • The TierraNet reseller, affiliate and referral programs are mutually exclusive. Members of one program may not receive benefits from the other programs.