Affiliate Plan

Your brand. Your prices. Our world-class services and support.

TierraNet's affiliate program is designed for companies or individuals who would like to offer a full suite of internet services without dealing with the day-to-day issues involved in reselling accounts.

The TierraNet affiliate program has many exciting features that provide outstanding benefits to you and your customers. This program allows you to:

  • Set your own pricing on hosting services.
  • Earn recurring monthly revenue
  • Escape the day-to-day maintenance of the accounts; we handle all billing and customer service. Credit card statements will even reflect your brand!
  • Offer professional, world class service through your brand! Billing, customer service, and the customer control panel all reflect your own unique brand.
  • Offer fully featured domain registration services with the ability to integrate new domain registration and domain transfers to your existing website.

How it works

Once you have registered as a TierraNet affiliate you will receive special coding to place on your website which you can use to sign up accounts. Everything will be branded to you, including:

  • Signup pages
  • Support pages
  • Customer service (through email support and a 24/7 toll-free masked phone number)
  • Billing (Credit card statements will reflect your brand)
  • Pricing (You set the prices to charge your customers)

Commissions are determined by the difference between your prices and your costs. Your costs are based on the number of referred packages. As you refer more packages, your commission increases.

How to apply

There is a $50.00 setup fee to become a TierraNet affiliate. To register as an affiliate, TierraNet must receive:

  1. A complete and accurate copy of IRS Form W-9 (US affiliates only).
  2. A signed copy of the TierraNet affiliate contract.
  3. A completed limited power of attorney form to allow us to receive payments from your brand.
  4. A completed ACH authorization form to allow us to initiate ACH transfer entries and/or debit the account for commisions relating to TierraNet services.

To assist you in getting setup, a checklist that you can print can be found here.

Forms and contracts can be faxed to (858) 560-9417 or mailed to:

    TierraNet Inc.
    Attn: Affiliate Program
    P.O. BOX 502010
    San Diego, CA 92150-2010

Once your form and contract have been received and approved, your affiliate account will typically be activated within 2 business days.


Volume Price Tier Email Only UltraLite Lite Professional Premium Ultimate
1-9 retail $4.95 $7.95 $12.95 $17.95 $24.95 $49.95
10-19 tier 1 $4.46 $7.16 $11.66 $16.16 $22.46 $35.96
20-39 tier 2 $3.96 $6.36 $10.36 $14.36 $19.96 $31.96
40+ tier 3 $3.47 $5.57 $9.07 $12.57 $17.47 $27.97


The affiliate program allows you to set your own pricing, the monthly commission you receive is calculated by subtracting your base price from the price you charge your customers.

Your cost for domains will be determined by the expected domain sales volume. You can then set your domain price as you desire and your your commission will be the difference between the two.

You will receive a username and password which will allow you to access TierraNet's affiliate control panel. This area allows you to check your current status, see pending commissions, and recent distributions, and update the look and feel of your customers control panels. Affiliates will have access to administer their referred accounts in order to make site updates and perform other general maintenance.


  1. TierraNet affiliates are independent contractors, and are not employees of TierraNet. Affiliates may not represent themselves as employees of TierraNet.
  2. Referred accounts receive the same services, and are subject to the same policies which apply to all TierraNet accounts.
  3. Referrals are counted only when the sign up occurs through the affiliate's signup URL. Accounts which sign up through TierraNet's standard signup process are not eligible.
  4. Affiliates that do not have a minimum of 5 active packages after the first year will be billed an annual program fee of $50.00.
  5. Disbursements are issued once per month, on the 10th of each month. All disbursements are made in U.S. currency.
  6. Commissions are awarded upon package activation. In the event that any customer payment is returned unpaid (for example, bounced check, credit card chargeback) after a commission has been distributed, the appropriate commission as well as any fees we are charged by third parties (such as bank fees) will be deducted from the affiliate's account. TierraNet reserves the right to terminate any affiliate with a high chargeback rate.
  7. Affiliates may use only approved advertising methods. Specifically, "spamming" (unsolicited email, unsolicited newsgroup postings, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
  8. TierraNet will not enter into any exclusive contracts based on region.
  9. TierraNet reserves the right to terminate any affiliate for any reason.
  10. A customer may participate in both the TierraNet affiliate and reseller programs, the reseller/affiliate will need to assign resold/affiliate accounts under either the affiliate OR reseller program, discounts will not be given for both. Resellers and affiliates are not eligible for referral credits.